120 Tavern. Marietta, GA 2/21/15. 

Photos courtesy of John Kalinowski and Shawn Evans


The AMP Summer Concert Series. Carrollton, GA 7/12/14. 

Photos courtesy of Rod Fruin Photography

Clay Johnson 1Dave & Tim 2Dave & TimDave Johnson 1Dave Johnson 2Dave Johnson 3Dave Johnson 4Dave Johnson 5dave Johnson 6Dave's drumsDNC1DNC2DNC3DNC4DNC5KK 2KK1KK3KK4KK5

Thunder On The Parkway Music Festival & Biker Rally. Lake Lanier, GA 6/27/14. 

Clay JohnsonDVJDavid V. JohnsonDavid V. JohnsonDNCAmpbackDNCRedWarner, Tim and KKDNCThe lights!DNCWarner, KK and TimWarner Hodges with DNCWarner Hodges with Drivin N CryinView from the desk...

AthFest. Athens, GA 6/22/14. 

Tim Nielsen, autographing 'Scarred But Smarter: Life N Times Of Drivin N Cryin' DVDsChris Griffin, stage set and check.Pre-show backstage...DNCGreat crowd!Eric Von Haessler and Angie AparoALT, Dave V. Johnson and KKEncore time...ALT with crowdAngie Aparo with DNCAaron Lee TasjanKevn KinneyTim NielsenAngie Aparo with DNC

Tyler’s Way Foundation Benefit Show. Johns Creek, GA 5/3/14. 

Drivin N CryinDNCDNCDrivin N CryinDNCDrivin N CryinDNCDrivin N CryinChris Griffin's elbow. "This is how I mix!"Aaron Lee Tasjan with crowdALT at the keysKiller crowdAaron Lee TasjanTim and KevnKK & ALTKK and ALTKiller crowd 2HarmonizingClay Johnson & ALT

Crawfish Music Festival. Pelham, AL  4/26/14 

On the way there...Aaron Lee Tasjan: Sulking or sleeping?The Little BootTimothy S. NielsenALT, where he belongs...Warner HodgesChris Griffin, getting his bed ready...Aaron Lee TasjanSpurs: Warner HodgesTim and WarnerALT at the keysKK at the keys...RockWarner & KKWarner & TimWarner & TimKK & WarnerDave V. JohnsonDNC with Warner HodgesDNC with Warner Hodges

Buren Fowler Tribute. Athens, GA  4/5/14 

KK & TSNJeff SullivanKevn, Jeff and TimJeff SullivanJeff SullivanKevn KinneyTim NielsenMore crowdRockDNC with the mayor of Athens, GANuff said!Warner Hodges with DNCDNC with Warner Hodges & Matt JoinerDNC with Warner Hodges & Matt JoinerDNC with Warner Hodges & Matt JoinerGreat crowd!Matt Joiner, Warner Hodges and KKDNC with Warner Hodges, Matt Joiner & Mike MillsDNC with Warner Hodges, Matt Joiner & Mike MillsDNC with Warner Hodges, Matt Joiner & Mike Mills

Archer Live Event at The Tabernacle. Atlanta, GA  4/4/14 

KK, Jessy & TimThe Archer Band, Take 4Jessy Lynn MartensKevn Kinney & Tim NielsenThe Archer Band, Take 2The Archer Band, Take 1Drivin N CryinBackstage with Chris GriffinBackstage with David V. JohnsonBackstage with The Bubble Factory GirlKK's arsenalworkhorseKK's tools of the tradeBackstage with Kevn Kinney; test shots for Vintage Guitar MagazineBackstage with Kevn KinneyBackstage with Tom TillotsonArcher BandKK, ALT, Jessy Lynn MartensJessy & TimALT, KK Jessy Lynn Martens & TSN

South By Southwest. Austin, TX  3/12/14 – 3/15/14

On the way to Austin, TX...Natalie Noone, Chuck Mead, Porter, Todd Shelton & Eric Von Haessleraww geezSmith's Olde Bar Block PartyYard Dog Day PartyALT solo showALT & TSN: Blurt Magazine/Dogfish Head Party at The GingermanSt. Vincent de Paul Day Party

120 Tavern. Marietta, GA 2/21 & 22/14.

Photos courtesy of Shawn Evans and Bonnie M. Moret

ALT & KKALT, Peter Stroud, KKALTALTAaron Lee TasjanDave & TimDave & TimDaveDave V. JohnsonDaveDaveDave JohnsonDNCDNCJoey HuffmanJoey Huffman with DNCKK & TimKK, Peter & TimKKKK

Lies, Damn Lies & Statistics: An Evening With Kevn Kinney, Chuck Mead & Angie Aparo. Asheville, Macon, Athens, Atlanta 1/8/14 – 1/11/14

Kevn Kinney, Angie Aparo & Chuck MeadAngie Aparo, (John Lennon), Kevn Kinney & Chuck MeadChuck, Kevn, Angie, and Drink CowboyAA, KK & CMChuck Mead, Kevn Kinney and Angie AparoChuck and Friend, backstage at the Cox Capitol TheatreChuck, KK and Angie at The World Famous, Athens GAKevn Kinney, Athens GA

New Year’s Eve at Variety Playhouse. Atlanta, GA 12/31/13.

Photos courtesy of Vincent Tseng and Clayton Brandenburg

AaronAaron Lee TasjanAaron Lee TasjanDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDaveDave. V. JohnsonKevnKKKevn KinneyTimTimTim NielsenALT & KKALTAaron Lee TasjanDave V. Johnson

Live At The Tracks. Greensboro, NC 9/21/13.

Dave, Sadler & KKDrivin N CryinKKKK & TimKK & TimKKKevnKevn KInneyMatt & SadlerMatt w/MarshallSadler, Dave & KKSadler, KK & TimSadler VadenSadler & KKTim NielsenDave V. Johnson

Music Midtown. Atlanta, GA 9/20/13.

CrowdDave V. JohnsonDrivin N CryinDrivin N CryinKevn & Dave V. JohnsonKevn Kinney & Tim NielsenSadler VadenSadler VadenSadler VadenSadler VadenTim NielsenTim NielsenCol. Chris GriffinSuper Jay!Dave & GuestsBackstageKK, Adam & LeighDave & TimDNCDNC/Crowd

Chop Shop. Charlotte, NC 7/26/13.

SoundcheckDNCDNCLaney & KKLaney Strickland & KKDNCDNCDNCOn the road...

Ardent Studios & Levitt Shell. Memphis, TN 5/26/13.

TimTim & Paul EbersoldDave V. JohnsonTim & DaveDaveSadler, Chris Griffin & Paul EbersoldSadlerTim NielsenSadler VadenTim & SadlerKevidenceSadler at Ardent Studios

Alys Stephens Center. Birmingham, AL 5/24/13.

Dave & KevnDrivin N CryinDrivin N CryinDrivin N CryinDrivin N CryinDNC CrowdDrivin N CryinKevn & TimKevn & TimSadler & KevnSadler & KevnSadler & KevnDave, Sadler & TimSadler & DaveSadler, Dave & KevnSadler Vaden& Dave V. JohnsonTim NielsenTim Nielsen

Lake Lanier. Gainesville, GA 5/11/13.

Uhhhh...Dave V. JohnsonYepDNCTim, Sadler, KKSadler & TimSadler VadenTim NielsenDNC

Star Bar – 2 Nights, No Hits! Atlanta, GA 4/17/13 & 4/18/13.

PosterDNCDerry, Sadler & Shayni RaeTSN + SJVKKDAve V. JohnsonDrivin N CryinDNC + CheetahDNC + CheetahCheetah ChromeCheetah Chrome with DNCDave, Sadler & TimBackstageTyler Kinney with The ProsecutorsGuitar DeskDrivin N CryinDrivin N CryinCheetah Chrome with The Prosecutors

NCAA Final Four VIP Party. Atlanta, GA 4/8/13.

Chris GriffinDrivin N CryinDrivin N CryinDNC with Bubble Factory GirlDrivin N CryinSoundman Chris GriffinSadler Vaden & Tim NielsenDrivin N CryinNCAA Final FourSoundcheckChris GriffinTim NielsenStageSadler VadenDave V. Johnson

‘Scarred But Smarter’ Movie Screening at The Atlanta Film Festival. Atlanta, GA 3/22/13.

Colin & KevnDirector Eric Von Haessler with DNCSBS Screening GuestsDNC with Jeff Sullivan

SXSW and the Road To…. Austin, TX 3/10 – 3/17/13

Serious DaveFishin'!DV ChainzRelaxin'Party table in New OrleansdamnTim and SadlerTim NielsenJeff Colvin and KJG at Billy Reid ShindigBilly Reid and TimDNCDNCDNCTim and EricTim and JimSadler, Tim and ChrisDo512Sadler and Billy BraggTexas!Dave V. Flowechild

The Tabernacle. Atlanta, GA 12/22/12

Dave V. JohnsonDaveDaveDaveDave V. JohnsonDNCDNC!DNCSadler, KK and DaveDNCDNCDNC!DNC with Laura and JonathanDNC with Shovels & RopeKevn & DaveSadler, Kevn and Todd.5KevnKKKevn KinneyKK

Photos courtesy of Carlton Freeman, Target Audience Magazine and KJG

Soul Kitchen. Mobile, AL 11/16/12

dave & SadlerDave & Sadler 2DNC 1DNC 2DNC 3DNC 4DNC 5Kevn, Sadler & TimKK 1KK 2KK 3KK 4KK 5Sadler & TimSadler & Tim 2Sadler 1Sadler 2Sadler 3TimTim

Photos courtesy of Carlton Freeman

Gallettes. Tuscaloosa, AL 11/15/12

ChrisDave & SadlerDave 1Dave 2DNC 1DNC 2DNC 3DNC 4KK 1Party TimeSadler & TimSadler & Tim 2Sadler & Tim 3Sadler & Tim 4Sadler & Tim 5Sadler & Tim 6Sadler & Tim 7Sadler 1Sadler 2Sadler 3

Photos courtesy of Carlton Freeman

Mainstreet Halloween Block Party. Cleveland, TN 10/31/12

Dave 1Dave 2Dave 3Dave 4DNC 1DNC 2DNC 3DNC 4DNC 5DNC 6DNC w:CrowdDNC w:Crowd 2Kevn 1Kevn 2Kevn 3Kevn 4Sadler & KKSadler & KK 2Sadler 1Sadler 2

Photos courtesy of Carlton Freeman and D. Todd Shelton

120Tavern. Marietta, GA 8/4/12

Chris & ScottDave & SadlerDave 1Dave 2Dave 3Dave 4Dave, Sadler & TimDave, Sadler & Tim 2Dave, Tim & SadlerDNCDNC 1DNC 2DNC 3DNC 4DNC 5DNC 6DNC 7DNC 8DNC 9DNC 10

Exit/In. Nashville, TN 7/28/12

Tim NielsenDrivin N CryinDrivin N CryinDNCKevn KinneySadler & TimCheetah Chrome with DNCSadler & TimDrivin N CryinSadler & TimTim & Jonathan SpencerSadler Vaden & The Ghost of Todd SheltonDave V. Johnson

Rock N Ride Festival. Atlanta, GA 6/23/12

Double TDave V. JohnsonRampin'Sadler VadenKK GuitarTim NielsenSadlerChris, Squirrel and ClaySadler VadenKevn KinneyKevn & DaveDave & SadlerTimTimCpt. Dave V. JohnsonClayTimTimNew fans!Sadler

Songs About Cars, Space and The Ramones overdub session, Sound Kitchen Recording Studios. Nashville, TN 5/30/12

Takyah & PaulTakyah & SadlerMr. Paul EbersoldMuch later that night...Later that night...Workin' it out

Eddie Arnold Tribute Album recording. Nashville, TN 5/29/12

Dave & RoyHammer time!ODsWhat are these for?Storm outside historic RCA Studio BInterview timeDriftin' n Smilin'Tim & Warner Hodges!Tim and his brother Roy

Geranium Jam. McDonough, GA 5/19/12

Drivin N CryinDrivin N CryinDrivin N CryinDrivin N CryinChris Griffin's handsSadler, Kevn & TimDave V. JohnsonDrivin N CryinDrivin N CryinTim NielsenDNCSadler VadenSadler VadenSadler VadenKevn & SadlerSVTDNCDNCKevnSadler

The Cottage at Shem Creek: Kevn, Angie Aparo & Edwin McCain. Mt. Pleasant, SC 5/18/12

Charleston boundKevn, Edwin & AngieAngie & KevnTim NielsenKevn, Edwin & AngieKevn & AngieKevn & AngieHuddle HouseAtlanta boundHuddle House

Private Event with Kevn & Sadler. Avondale Estates, GA 4/28/12

The CanopySadler & KevnSadler & KevnNatural AmpitheatreIntermissionSadler & Kevn

Sound Kitchen Recording Studios & The Basement. Nashville, TN 4/23 – 25/12

Cheetah Chrome with DNC @ The BasementSomethingScott & Tim NielsenSadler VadenSadler & Tim at Sound KitchenScott, Paul & DaveCheetah Chrome!Sadler VadenDave V. JohnsonTim & PaulDave JohnsonKK GuitarKevn KinneySadler VadenDNC @ The BasementDNC @ The BasementDVJ @ The BasementSadler & Tim at The BasementSadler Vaden @ The BasementCheetah Chrome with DNC @ The Basement

Coach’s Corner. Savannah, GA 3/15/12

Kevn KinneySadler & TimKK GuitarKK, Tim & SadlerTim NielsenSadler VadenSadler VadenSadler Vaden

Headliner’s Music Hall. Louisville, KY 2/15/12

Photos courtesy of Bill Ivester & Carlton Freeman

Dave V. JohnsonDVJDNCDVJKevn KinneyKevnGuitarsKK & SadlerKevn KinneyKevn KinneyKevn, Sadler & DVJKevnKK, Sadler & DVJKKSadler VadenKK Gtr & TimSadlerSadler VadenSadlerTim Nielsen

Rhythm & Brews. Chattanooga, TN 12/30/11

Photos courtesy of Carlton Freeman & KJG

DeskGuitarsClay & EricClaySadler VadenEricSadler & PaulWarmDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCKKKKSadler & KKDNCKK & SVTim Nielsen

The Tabernacle. Atlanta, GA 12/23/11

Photos courtesy of Terry Lawler, Lisa Keel & KJG

DNCDNCCrowdCrowd 2Sadler & KevnSadler & KevnSadler & KevnDNCRock100.5 & TabernacleDNCAmpsDNCSoundcheckTim at soundcheckDave at soundcheckSoundcheckDrum set-upMic check with ChrisSanta (Terry) & ClaySidestage 2

CBS TV. Atlanta, GA 12/22/11

DNCModelsYou OK with this!?DNCDNCGot it.Dave & KKKKMonitor

The Pour House. Charleston, SC 12/17/11

Cliff diving!DNCSadler & TimKK, DVJ & SVDNCTim NielsenDNCNo, you rock!KK, Sadler & TimDNCDave V. JohnsonDNCKevn and DaveDaveTodd and ChrisC,c,c,c,c ClayDave SoundcheckSoundcheckMore soundcheck

The Hi-Tone. Memphis, TN 11/17/11

The Jungle RoomKK & Findlay Brown at GracelandKK's AmpClay's DeskDave's DrumsSadlerSadler VadenSadler VadenKK & Sadler

Sonica Recording Studios. Atlanta, GA 10/20 & 10/21/11

DaveJ.B. and SadlerJ.B.Dave V. JohnsonKKDNCSadler & FriendSadler VadenTom GrayJohn BriglevichKevn & Tom Gray

John Varvatos Party. New York, NY 10/6/11

SoundcheckEast River RideDNCSadler & KK practicing in BrooklynCBGBSGDave V. JohnsonDrivin N CryinDNCSadler, Kevn & TimSadler, Kevn & TimMeah Pace & KKDave V. Johnson

Kevn Kinney Band. 99X’ (UN)unplugged In The Park. Atlanta, GA 8/28/11

Photos courtesy of Terry Lawler and KJG

Kevn KinneyKKBKKBDave & ClayAntonAntonClay StageAudley & KevnKKB CrowdKKBAudleyAntonTim NielsenDave & TimKevn Kinney BandAudley & KevnAudley FreedKevn Kinney BandAnton Fier

Kevn Kinney Band. 40 Watt. Athens, GA 8/27/11

KK BackstageAnton & TimAnton & KevnAnton & KevnTim NielsenTim, Kevn & AudleyAudley Freed & KKAudley Freed & KK3 Across The FrontKevn Kinney BandKevn Kinney BandKevn Kinney BandAudley Freed & Kevn KinneyAudley FreedAudley Freed & Kevn KinneyAnton FierClay's DeskAudley FreedAudley FreedChris & Clay

Kevn Kinney Band. 333 On Broad. Rome, GA 8/26/11

Photos courtesy of Carlton Freeman and KJG

Audley FreedClay JohnsonKevn KinneyAudley FreedTim & AudleyKevnAudley FreedAnton FierChris Griffin & KJGAnton FierAudley FreedKevn Kinney BandKevn KinneyAudley & KevnKevn Kinney Band

Infinity Hall. Norfolk, CT 8/14/11

Photos courtesy of Todd Gay Photography and KJG

DNCDNCDNCKing. Bear.Drivin N CryinSadler, Kevn & DaveDNCKing, Tim, Sadler & KevnKevn & TimDave V. JohnsonDave V. JohnsonShhh...Kevn KinneyDave V. JohnsonSadler VadenTim NielsenKevnDaveKevnSadler

The Mercury Lounge. New York, NY 8/13/11

Todd, Shayni, Dave, Clay & TimDNCSadler & Dave V. JohnsonSadler, Kevn & DaveSadler VadenSadler VadenSadler and Kevn

The Buckhead Theatre. Atlanta, GA 7/29/11

Photos courtesy of Carlton Freeman & KJG.

DaveMac & TimTimTim NielsenDNCTimTim & KevnDNCDaveDNC with Jason IsbellKevnDNC with EVH & ClayMac CarterDNC with Jason IsbellDNCKevnJason Isbell with DNCJason Isbell with DNCMacMr. Kevn Kinney

Concert for tornado recovery to benefit Trees For Ringgold at Rhythm & Brews. Chattanooga, TN 7/24/11

Photos courtesy of Carlton Freeman & KJG.

Kevn & TimClay's DeskMac CarterKKGibb & TimKKGibb DrollDave V. JohnsonMacDNCMac & KevnDNCTim NielsenScott & ChrisGibb & TimMac & TimDVJMac & TimShoesGibb & Tim

ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition taping. Madison, GA 7/15/11

Rawk!Kevn & TimCrowdKevn, Tim & MacDave V. JohnsonMac & CrowdDave & TimDNCDave & TimTy & DaveKK & FriendsClay Damn JohnsonDNC & TyDNC & Ty PenningtonDNC & TyDNC & TyMacKevn, Ty & TimDave, Tim & TyTy Pennington & Tim Nielsen

Windjammer. Isle of Palms, SC 7/1 & 2/11

Hat DayDNCDNCDNCRawk!Tim & KKDNCKevn KinneyMac & KKTim NielsenDave V. JohnsonKevn & crowdDNCKevn, Tim & AngieAA with DNCTim & ClayDNCMore crowdCrowd with Mac & SadlerSadler & Angie with DNC

Kevn Kinney Band @ Athfest. Athens, GA 6/26/11

Tim & JasonClay Johnson & Col. Bruce Hampton (ret.)Jason & KKGuitar HeavenTim Nielsen & Jason IsbellCrowdTim & Jason IsbellKevn KinneyAnton, Tim & Kevn

Misc. Atlanta, GA June 2011

Chris Bone, Scott Munn & KKSgt. KKKK Atlanta apartmentKK @ Rock 100.5KK @ Rock 100.5ED & EVHEd Roland & Eric Von HaesslerKK in Atlanta apartmentAnton & KevnGuitar Hands

GA State Representative Margaret Kaiser Campaign Fundraiser. Atlanta, GA 5/15/11.

DNC watermelonDNC with EAGDrumsKK & ClayDave & KevnDave V. JohnsonStuffChris & ClayMac & KevnDNCDNC with Eric & Margaret KaiserDNC with EAGDNC with friendsDNCDNC with GA Congressman John LewisDNC with GA State Rep Margaret KaiserDNC with GA Congressman John LewisDNC with GA Congressman John LewisDNC with Eric & Margaret Kaiser and JohnLewsiDNC with Eric & Margaret Kaiser

Kirkwood Spring Fling. Atlanta, GA 5/14/11.

DNCDNCDNCTim & KevnTimDave V. JohnsonDave V. JohnsonTim, Kevn & MacTim & KevnDNCKevn & TimScott Munn & TimKevn & TimDNC 1DNC 2DNC 3Tim 1Tim 2Tim 4Tim 3

Schaeffer Eye Center Crawfish Boil. Birmingham, AL 4/29/11.

New roadies!KK & The State of AlabamaKevn & DJ Logicdave, Tim & MacMac & TimGreat CrowdClassic DaveRockin' TimMac & Crowd 3MacMac & Crowd 2Mac & Crowd 1New fans!Mac & KevnThe BossmanBlurry Tim, Blurry BryanBryan HowardDNC BackstageMac with The Alabama Jammer

Kevn on Rock 100.5 The Regular Guys Show. Atlanta, GA 4/29/11.

Kevn & SteveEric Von HaesslerKevn & SteveEric, Scott & KevnSteve & KevnKevn & LarryErin & Kevn

Greenprints Alliance Streetfest. Woodstock, GA 3/26/11.

DVJ & ClayLook what I found in the trailer...OK, OK! You caught me.Ken talking to ClayEVH & MacDamn! How do you kill this crab?!KK & new fanJane, Ian & TimEVH is highWaiting to go on 2Mac, Aree & LisaWaiting to go onKevn Kinney & DVJStageDave & MacGreat Crowd! 2Dave V. Johnson 2Mac 2Crowd & EVHToys

Road Pix. New Orleans, LA 3/18/11 & Jackson, MS 3/19/11.

Dave 1Trailer tireTim & HelperTrailer minus 1FenderChris TireDoing it with a smileChris and his buddyNuts for sound

Kevn Kinney & The Musical Kings with The Baseball Project. Star Bar Atlanta, GA 3/11/11 & 40Watt Athens, GA 3/12/11.

Peter & KevnMike Mills, Tim Nielsen and Steve WynnBill BerryLinda PitmonPeter BuckPeter, Kevn, Tim 1

Georgia State Senate & House of Representatives recognition of Drivin N Cryin with HR 387 and pix from 11Alive WXIA TV. Atlanta, GA 3/10/11.

DNC @ WXIA Atlanta 3Tim & Jeff at WXIA AtlantaDNC @ WXIA Atlanta 2DNC @ WXIA Atlanta 1KK 2KK 1Tim, Kim & BabyDave V. JohnsonBuren & PaulaDave & ScottJeff SullivanTom & MacTim 1DNCLoudDNC & KG GA State Capitol 1KK warming upGA State House of Representatives 3GA State House of Representatives 1DNC Pic Op 7

Exit/In. Nashville, TN. 1/22/11.

Photos courtesy of Carlton Freeman and Abby Owens.

CrowdKK 1DNC 1Tim 2Mac & TimMac 1Tim 1Dave 1KK 2KK 3KK, Dave & Audley FreedKK 4Audley FreedMac, KK & Audley FreedKK & Gibb DrollKK, Dan Baird & TimDan BairdGibb Droll, KK & Dan BairdMac & Gibb DrollDNC with Abby Owens & Dan Baird

Vinyl Music Hall. Pensacola, FL. 12/29/10.

KK 1Mac 1Mac 2KK 2Dave 1KK 3Tim 1Tim 2KK 4KK & TimTim 3

The Tabernacle. Atlanta, GA. 12/26/10.

Photos courtesy of The Backstage Beat, The Silver Tongue (Shawn Evans), Terry Lawler and Sam Humenick.

MacTimMacMacMacMac CarterTimDaveTimDaveTimTimKevnSpecial Guest Joey HuffmanTim and BurenCol. Bruce Hampton (Ret)Tim NielsenSpecial Guest Buren FowlerSpecial Guest Col. Bruce Hampton (Ret)Dave

Rhythm & Brews. Chattanooga, TN. 11/27/10.

Photos courtesy of Carlton Freeman, Terry Lawler and Clayton Brandenburg.

DNC 1Tim 1Tim 2Mac 1Dave 1Dave 2Kevn & TimTim 3Kevn & DaveTim 4Mac 2Kevn, Dave, TimDNC 2Mac, Kevn, DaveDNC 3DNC 4DNC 5Kevn & Dave 2Dave 3Kevn & Dave 3

Jannus Live. St Petersburg, FL. 11/20/10.

Photos courtesy of Tim Dominick and Mac Carter

BannerDNC1DNC2DNC3DNC4Kevn1DNC5Kevn & Dave

Labor Day Weekend at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Hampton, GA 9/3/10 and 9/5/10.

Photos courtesy of Terry Lawler and TN.

PassesKK & RVSunset on AMSDave JohnsonDNC 2DNC 3DNC 4Dave Johnson 2DNC 5Mac, Kevn & EricTimMac 1Kevn 1BackstageTim 2Kevn & TimCrowdMac 2Mac 3Erin & Kevn

‘Detroit City’ Video Shoot. The Pool Hall in Atlanta, GA 8/15/10.

Angelina Armani 1Clay, Melissa, EricRobert Hall - DirectorTerry & VampireRobert Hall & KevnKick headHazy ClaySir Dave V. JohnsonSir Dave V. Johnson IIView from the DJ boothMore Wet ClayDrumsMoneyThe Getaway CarWaitingDNCMac and his childrenBest jukebox in AtlantaTerry & Angelina ArmaniAngelina & Todd

WCOO/WYBB radio. Charleston, SC 7/02/10.

Photos courtesy of Witt Lacy.

Mac very focusedTim answering moreKevn happyKevn on the spotTim a'wonderin'Tim incredulousDave amusedKevn smileTim answering the questionTim singingKevn far away eyesTim mandolin

Summerfest. Huntsville, AL 6/26/10.

Photos courtesy of Carlton Freeman.

Dave 1Tim 1Mac 1Dave 2Kevn 1Kevn 2Kevn 3Mac 2Dave 3Dave 4Kevn 4Kevn 5Kevn Tim EricTim 2Tim 3Mac 3Kevn 6Kevn & DaveMac 4Kevn 78

Braves baseball game at Turner Field. Atlanta, GA 6/20/10 – Father’s Day!

Drivin N Cryin performs “God Bless America” during the 7th inning stretch.

DNC warming up God Bless America 2DNC dugout tunnel 1DNC warming up God Bless America 1DNC on field God Bless America 3DNC on field God Bless America 4View of the crowd from the fieldWalter Banks giving me the eyeDNC on field God Bless America 2DNC on field God Bless America

Riverbend Festival. Chattanooga, TN 6/19/10.

Photos courtesy of Terry Lawler, Rich Ganser and Carlton Freeman.

Mac 1Tim 1Tim 2Tim 3Kevn 2Kevn 1Kevn & Tim 1Mac Star & DaveKevn 3Kevn 4Mac 2Tim 4Mac & Kevn 1Mac Star 2Tim 5Tim 6Todd & TimTodd 1Mac 3Kevn & Tim 2

Downtown After 5 Concert Series. Asheville, NC 6/18/10.

Crowd by MacDNC 1DNC 2DNC 3Mac & KevnMac & Kevn 2Tim, Artemis Pyle, Dave & ClayDave & Kevn 2DNC 4

Miles & Music for Kids. Lake Lanier, GA 5/23/10. Proceeds from this show benefitted Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Terry's bikeEvent Bike RallyTerry and his bikeView from the houseboatAlmost stagetimeDave, Mac & KevnDNCMacWatt backstageKevn with fanTim with fanThe GreenroomToday's proceedsCode? What code?

Draft on Taft. Atlanta, GA 5/22/10. Proceeds from this show benefitted Bert’s Big Adventure, a non-profit organization that sponsors trips to Disney World for terminally and chronically ill children.

Kevn backstageTim and ClayKevn & TimMacTim & Clay 2Kevn & Tim 2Mac & KevnDave the WrestlerDNCTim & Clay 3Clay yelling at a policewomanDave with friendsDave with his bodyguardEVH & Mac backstageMac with friendsdave with more friendsKevn with his body guardsDNC 2Crowd

The Handlebar. Greenville, SC 5/15/10.

M,K,TKevnMacKevn 2DNCTimK & TTim 2Kevn 3M,K,T 2DaveTim 3Kevn 4Kevn 5Tim BassDNC 2Kevn & DaveTim 4DNC 3K & T 2

Kevn and Mac test drive the Drivin N Cryin Rock Band video game with video game developers Mick Larkins and Chris Rickwood and DNC crew member Todd Shelton. Eric Von Haessler’s DNC Documentary production team was on hand to film the event! Alpharetta, GA 5/10/10.

Photos courtesy of Megan Larkins


CBS’s Ben Jones interviews Drivin N Cryin and “I See Georgia” video director Eric Von Haessler. Macon, GA 5/8/10

DNC + Eric + Ben 1Tim, Mac & DaveEric, Kevn, Tim & MacDNC + Eric + Ben 2DNC + Eric + Ben 3

The Tabernacle. Atlanta, GA 12-26-09

Photos courtesy of Richard Fay, Erin Watson, Allen Ross Thomas.

Stage 1Mac 1Stage 4Stage 3Stage 2Mac 2Mac 3Kevn 1Mac 4Kevn 2Tim 1Tim 2Tim 3Tim 4Kevn 3Tim 6Tim 5Tim 7Kevn 4Mac 5

Manifest Records instore appearance. Columbia, SC 10-2-09

drivin cryin 001drivin cryin 002drivin cryin 003drivin cryin 004Manifest - Columbia SCManifest - Columbia SCManifest - Columbia SCManifest - Columbia SC

Smith’s Olde Bar. Atlanta, GA. 9-29-09. Great American Bubble Factory Atlanta release party.

Photos courtesy of Vincent Tseng, 2009 © Copyright

Drivin N CryinKevn and DaveDave V JohnsonTim NielsenMacDave V JohnsonKevn, Tim and DaveKevnKevn and TimTimMac, Kevn and DaveKevn and DaveDave V JohnsonKevn, Tim and DaveMac CarterKevn, Tim and DaveKevn KinneyKevn KinneyKevn KinneyKevn Kinney and Tim Nielsen

Chattanooga, TN 7-10-09

dnc r&b 7-10-09 (0)dnc r&b 7-10-09 (1)dnc r&b 7-10-09 (2)dnc r&b 7-10-09 (3)dnc r&b 7-10-09 (4)dnc r&b 7-10-09 (5)dnc r&b 7-10-09 (6)dnc r&b 7-10-09 (7)dnc r&b 7-10-09 (8)dnc r&b 7-10-09 (9)dnc r&b 7-10-09 (10)dnc r&b 7-10-09 (12)dnc r&b 7-10-09 (13)dnc r&b 7-10-09 (14)dnc r&b 7-10-09 (15)dnc r&b 7-10-09 (17)dnc r&b 7-10-09 (19)dnc r&b 7-10-09 (20)dnc r&b 7-10-09 (21)dnc r&b 7-10-09 (22)

Columbia, SC 2009


December 26, 2008


Chattanooga, TN 4-14-08

dnc r&b 00dnc r&b 01dnc r&b 02dnc r&b 04dnc r&b 05dnc r&b 06dnc r&b 07dnc r&b 08dnc r&b 09dnc r&b 010dnc r&b 011dnc r&b 012dnc r&b 013dnc r&b 014dnc r&b 015dnc r&b 016dnc r&b 017dnc r&b 018dnc r&b 019dnc r&b 020

Kevin in Studio 2008


Smith’s Olde Bar, Atlanta GA 2007


Chattanooga, TN 9-29-07

dnc Chattanoogadnc Chattanooga - (2)dnc Chattanooga - (3)dnc Chattanooga - (4)dnc Chattanooga - (5)dnc Chattanooga - (6)dnc Chattanooga - (7)dnc Chattanooga - (8)dnc Chattanooga - (9)dnc Chattanooga - (10)dnc Chattanooga - (11)dnc Chattanooga - (12)dnc Chattanooga - (13)dnc Chattanooga - (14)dnc Chattanooga - (15)dnc Chattanooga - (16)dnc Chattanooga - (24)dnc Chattanooga - (27)dnc Chattanooga - (33)dnc Chattanooga - (35)

2007 Virginia Highlands, Atlanta GA


Smith’s Olde Bar, Atlanta GA 9-15-07

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Rome, GA 10-5-07


Rome, GA 4-14-07

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Smith’s Olde Bar, Atlanta GA March 07


Spain 2007


Pigskin Palooza 2006


Six Flags 2006


Thanksgiving 2005


Dogwood Festival 2002


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Troy State 5-2-91

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Fox Theatre 11-29-91


Early Shows

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John David Nielsen 1966-2006

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