Southern Living | Why You Should Plan a Trip to Billy Reid’s Shindig in Florence, Alabama

There’s still time to get tickets for celebrity chef dinners, concerts by artists like Margo Price, and more.

Americana UK | [Review] Drivin N Cryin “Live the Love Beautiful” (Independent, 2019)

For a band formed decades ago with a sizeable gap between recent records, ‘Live the Love Beautiful’ feels like a classic already. It’s fresh and vital and most importantly sets a powerful direction for the band. Don’t leave it so long next time, Drivin N Cryin.

Farce the Music | [Interview] What Keeps Him Alive: A Conversation with Kevn Kinney of Drivin N Cryin

Live The Love Beautiful, produced by Aaron Lee Tasjan, is a blast of full-spectrum rock & roll, with Kinney singing about the troubled times of modern-day America; the trials and triumphs of an adulthood logged on the road; the benefits of appreciating the small things in life; and even the legacy of the Faces' late keyboardist, Ian McLagan.

Shepherd Express | [Interview, Album Review] Better than Ever, Drivin N Cryin’s ‘Live the Love Beautiful’

There isn’t a weak link among the 11 tracks displaying the distinctive songwriting and the observant storytelling of vocalist-guitarist Kevn Kinney.

Live at the Print Shop | [Video] Debut Series - Drivin N Cryin Session

Episode 1 of Live At The Print Shop featuring Drivin N Cryin. Featuring an exclusive interview with Kevn Kinney and songs from various albums, including the new release ‘Live The Love Beautiful’.

Alternate Root Magazine | [Review] Drivin N Cryin - Live the Love Beautiful

Live the Love Beautiful is smart Rock album, a personable listen with plenty of jangle and a few quick bursts of punk, living in audio harmony among the ballads and swirling, psychedelic southern guitar.

Blurt Magazine | [Interview] LIVING. LOVING. AND… Drivin’ N Cryin’

"The release of Live The Love Beautiful (available, incidentally, on gorgeous blue vinyl) finds singer Kevn Kinney and his band at the forefront yet again of a genre – a mix of Americana, punk and Southern rock – that they they’ve been playing since the mid-80s, a time when that style of music was hardly en vogue for the masses. And while they didn’t create that sound, they sure as hell put their own stamp on it."

Ditty TV | [Interview] 5 Questions with Drivin N Cryin

Talk about some Southern rock royalty, Atlanta-based Drivin N Cryin has been cranking out music since the mid-1980s. With Live the Love Beautiful, the band’s first full-length album since 2009, the band shows off its revamped roster of guitarist Laur Joamets joining the ranks of frontman Kevn Kinney, bass-playing co-founder Tim Nielsen, and longtime drummer Dave V. Johnson.

No Depression | [Album Review] Drivin N Cryin Grows Up without Going Away

Live the Love Beautiful shows why it’s important not just for artists to continue making music, but also for fans to hear what is said and sung. Drivin N Cryin now have a depth that, while different from their early work, is still connected to it.