Do Savannah | [Interview] A kind of homecoming: Drivin N Cryin to rock Tybee Post Theater for memorable two nights

Tybee Island and Savannah fans, however, are about to be reminded of what makes this legendary band, renowned for their blistering live shows, so enduring. Drivin N Cryin are hitting Tybee Post Theater for two nights with what promises to be exceptional performances from the band.

Bullet Music | [Interview] Drivin N Cryin Pushes New Boundaries With New Album in 2019

Keep an eye out for their album release this spring/summer as this isn’t something you are going to want to miss. As Tim stated in the interview, its more about the music now than being rock stars, and my friends, they are on to something beautiful.

Rolling Stone | Warren Haynes’ 30th Christmas Jam: 15 Best Things We Saw

Best Reason to Not Sleep In: Songwriters Showcase
Led by Kevn Kinney of Drivin’ N Cryin’, the Songwriters Showcase on Saturday afternoon at the Jack of the Wood pub is the ideal segue from the haziness of Friday night into Day Two of the Christmas Jam.

Space City Rock | Mid-Week Awesomeness: Drivin’ N Cryin’ (x2!), MAE, & Ian Sweet

So, it’s a WednesdayNovember 14th, to be precise — and that’s not normally a big day/night for shows, at least not around here.

CharlestonScene | Local musicians at the polls: Voting is rock and roll

South Carolina musicians made it to polls across the state to cast their votes today, and several took some selfies with their “I Voted” stickers to share their civic contributions on social media. 

Rolling Stone | AmericanaFest’s ‘Show Up and Sing!’ Party Thrills With Protest Songs, Collabs

Will Hoge, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Jaime Wyatt and Drivin N’ Cryin’s Kevn Kinney rally the faithful in Nashville with songs of resistance


On Wednesday, August 1st, Tim Nielsen, bassist and co-founder of Drivin N Cryin, took a phone call from QRO. In the conversation, Nielsen talked about how the band got together way back when, members changing, re-releasing (and even renaming) old albums, Darius Rucker turning “Straight to Hell” into a hit on today’s country radio, opening for The Who, meeting The Ramones, how they’ve lasted this long, and much more…

Review: Drivin N Cryin // "Too Late To Turn Back Now!" // New West Records

Drivin’ N Cryin’

Eponymously released in 1997, Too Late To Turn Back Now! has been released on vinyl for the first time, and it documents a period of change from the Atlanta-based rockers. As leader Kevn Kinney relates, this era “…is who I am. Gone are the major labels. Gone are the tour buses.” So instead of big studios (and big bills) Drivin’ N Cryin’ – at this point a trio with Kinney on vocals and guitars, Jeff Sullivan on drums and bassist Tim Nielsen – encamped in a hot, small studio in Atlanta’s hip mecca of Little Five Points with Clash producer and video artist Kosmo Vinyl, intending to record a single. One thing led to another, and soon, they had an album’s worth of material.

And good stuff too. Opening with “Keepin’ It Close To My Heart”, Kinney’s endearing knack of creating arena-rock folk songs triumphs, and the record’s 12 tracks are full of punky energy (“Paid in Full”, Let Lenny B”), Byrdish odes (“Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”) and a faithful rip thru John Denver’s “Leaving On A Jet Plane”, and like most of Kinney’s best material you’d be at a loss to pinpoint the year.

While not reaching the heights of earlier work such as Mystery Road or Fly Me CourageousToo Late To Turn Back Now! deserved a better fate than some forgotten shelf in a used CD store, and now with a new title and cover art (by Kosmo Vinyl), and a great-sounding vinyl edition, it joins Drivin’ N Cryin’s solid discography, further illustrating how this little band from Atlanta has survived and persevered all these years – with great songs, catchy hooks and a lot of heart. Long may Drivin’ N Cryin’ reign!

By James Mann, Ink 19,

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Brew York Music Festival expanding to two stages

Drivin N Cryin is scheduled to perform at 7:35 p.m. Saturday at the Brew York Music Festival at Maggie’s on the River. From left to right we have Tim Nielsen (bassist, founding member), Laur Joamets (guitar), Dave Johnson (drums), Kevn Kinney (guitar, vocals, founding member).

WATERTOWN — To accommodate a growing lineup of music acts, two stages will be set up for this year’s Brew York Music Festival on Saturday.

“We doubled the amount of bands this year and will introduce the second stage featuring many local acts,” said Patrick G. Robbins, co-owner of Brew York Entertainment.

The festival is at Maggie’s on the River at a closed-off Newell Street.

The festival’s main stage is the Black River Stage. The new Hole Brothers Stage will feature the local acts.

The main acts for the Black River Stage are, at 7:35 p.m., Drivin N Cryin and at 8:45 p.m., Eve 6.

Other main stage highlights include the return of Harrison B, who will perform at the festival for the third time.

Working the fan baseDrivin N Cryin, a name selected to represent the two directions of their music, is based in Atlanta and is celebrating 33 years together. It has a gold record, 10 full-length albums and a handful of EPs to their credit. In 2015, the band was inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. The band consists of founders Tim Nielsen and Kevin Kinney along with Dave V. Johnson and Laur Joamets.

Mr. Nielsen was asked about the factors that account for the band’s longevity.

“For the last 10 years or so, we’ve just been really focused on enjoying making music, not really worrying about trying to get discovered or make it or whatever,” Mr. Nielsen said in a phone interview on June 26 as the band was traveling through Nashville on the way to Milwaukee and that city’s Summerfest 2018. “We’re working our fan base.”

Some reviewers of their music say that among its sounds, Drivin N Cryin can resemble country and heavy metal at times. Those types of descriptions are not entirely accurate, Mr. Nielsen said.

“We’re a rock ‘n’ roll band,” he said. “We appreciate country banjos, fiddles, mandolins and stuff like that. “Is Cheap Trick heavy metal? I think we’re more like a band like Cheap Trick, a pop band with loud guitars that appreciates folk and Americana and singer/songwriter kind of stuff.”

The newest member of the band is Estonian-born guitar player Mr. Joamets, who joined last year.

“He’s an amazing slide player and an amazing rock guitar player,” Mr. Nielsen said. “He’s a joy to have in the band; a musical genius. He just blows us away with the stuff he comes up with, his interpretations of our old songs and he’s involved in writing on the new record, which is refreshing.”

Mr. Nielsen said the band is about 90 percent done with its new album. They likely won’t be done mixing it until the end of summer with an expected release date early next year.

“It’s just really cool song craftmanship,” Mr. Nielsen said. “We put a lot of time and thought into it. It’s hard to explain. It doesn’t sound like anything we’ve ever done but it sounds like everything we’ve done.”

They perform some songs from the project on their current tour. But Mr. Nielsen stressed Drivin N Cryin never uses a set list.

“We play off the vibe of the crowd and whatever mood we’re in,” he said. “We cover all the bases — old and new and in between.”


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Drivin N Cryin to Continue Thanksgiving Tradition at Charleston Music Hall


Last year, Southern Rock legends Drivin N Cryin played a show at the Charleston Music Hall on the day after Thanksgiving. I spoke with bassist Tim Nielsen in advance of the show, and he mentioned that they were hoping to make the post-Thanksgiving show an annual tradition. He also mentioned that Drivin N Cryin had booked some studio time in January and were planning to record a new full-length album.

Now, Drivin N Cryin has announced this year's post-Thanksgiving show for Friday, November 23rd. Joining them at the Music Hall that night will be Charleston's beloved The High Divers, who are still pretty fresh off the release of their new full-length album Chicora. Drivin N Cryin also has new music out; a single called "Keepin It Close to My Heart", which is a remaster of the 1997 tune of the same name. They are set to release a remastered version of the entire album Too Late to Turn Back Now on July 27th. You can find more info and preorder the album here.

Tickets to Drivin N Cryin and The High Divers at the Charleston Music Hall are $20 and on sale now. Get yours here. Proceeds will benefit Guitars For Vets, and Drivin N Cryin has stated that they will partner with them going forward.

By: Chris Huber with Extra Chill
July 11th, 2018