"A six song juggernaut of blistering guitars, booming rhythms and sweet melodies."

The Examiner reviews "Songs About Cars, Space and The Ramones"... September 18, 2012

by Chris Martin, for The Examiner

On their latest EP, Songs About Cars, Space & The Ramones, Drivin’ n’ Cryin’ (DNC) shifts it into overdrive and slams the pedal to the floor taking the listener on a high octane joy ride. From the first note it is evident they are not messing around as their second EP of 2012 is a six song juggernaut of blistering guitars, booming rhythms and sweet melodies.

The opening track “Hot Wheels” is a melodic tune that warms you up for what is to come. The song harnesses the classic 60’s sounds of bands like the Who and the Kinks with fuzzy guitars and vocal harmonies that will make your ears smile, but once you hearKevn Kinney’s voice you know it is all DNCThe Ramones have always been a major influence of Kinney’s & DNC’s music and it has never been more evident than on the songs “Acceleration”“Johnny Rides Shotgun”and “Out Here In The Middle Of Nowhere”. Starting with a foundation heavy on the fast paced punk sound made famous by Joey, Dee Dee, Johnny and Tommy they slather on a bit of DNC stank like only Kevn, Tim, Dave and Sadler know how to do. Full of catchy lyrics and jangly guitars is “Moonshot” which is as close to classic DNC as you can get. The last track of the album takes a left turn from the previous songs. An instrumental, “Space Eyes” finds the boys doing a damn fine job channeling the sounds of 60’s surf guitar legends.

From start to finish Space flat out rocks. There is no infusion of country twang, mellow folk or Americana just good old fashioned ear drum bursting rock and roll. Kevn’s voice sounds fresh, Sadler’s guitar playing is lights out, Tim’s bass playing is smooth and Dave keeps the beat fast and furious. Unlike many veteran rock bands DNC has improved through the years rather than remain stagnant or decline. Somewhere along the way they have discovered the fountain of youth, I am not sure if it is the influx of young blood or the renewed interest from fans, but whatever it is it is working. If you dig good rock music then pick up the new EP and crank it up because that is how it deserves to be listened to.