American Songwriter Magazine reviews AGCM

Kevn Kinney
A Good Country Mile
(Kevn Kinney)

Rating: 3 Stars

by Hal Horowitz

February 9, 2012

Long time Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ mainstay Kinney has crafted a productive if not particularly commercially successful solo career away from the veteran Southern hard rockers. Now ensconced in New York City, Kinney joined with Anton Fier and his loose knit Golden Palominos collective (Fier produced some D N C albums) for this typically rollicking, thinking man’s hour long set that is one of the highlights of his bulging catalog. Kinney never phones it in but he’s clearly inspired by Fier and

his cohorts. His red clay roots and reedy voice aren’t obscured by the Northeast recording locale, especially on the nearly 10 minute title track where you can practically smell the stale cigarette smoke and hear the Dylan records in the background as the acoustic based story song gradually unfolds. The album is a heady meeting of the minds that brings out the best in Kinney on a batch of songs that capture

his bleak yet vaguely hopeful outlook.