"Blistering... driving, punk-rock fun." Punk Globe Mag Reviews 'SAC,S&R'

By Mary Leary for Punk Globe Magazine
November 1, 2012
Who doesn’t want to hear songs about cars, space, and the Ramones? Especially if they’re written and performed by Kevn Kinney and his crew? Songs about Cars, Space and the Ramones is the second installation in what Kinney’s described as “… five-or six-song recordings every three months, like a magazine subscription.”
Apparently producer Paul Ebersold (Keith Richards, 3 Doors Down) has some affection for Kinney, along with myself and Cheetah Chrome, who makes a guest appearance.
The six-song EP doesn’t disappoint. “Acceleration” is driving, punk-rock fun, with “I’m going 90 miles an hour in a 30-mile zone” in its refrain. It’s followed by the even more blistering attack of “Johnny Rides Shotgun.” “Moonshot” is a rockin’, Ramones/Dead Boys sorta hybrid. And “Out Her

e in the Middle of Nowhere” is teenage angst-ridden in all the right ways, with a few cartoonish surprises (no spoilers here).

The parting gift is a track called “Spaceshot” that oozes with Ventures/”Sleepwalk”-era reverb.
I wonder if these guys are all married. Ah, as almost always, it’s more fun to flirt with them from afar. Which I wish I’d realized a few moons ago, but that’s another story, which occasionally had a happy ending.
Finally, for further proof there is a punk

rock god, here’s footage of DNC with Cheetah, live, doing “Out Here in the

Middle of Nowhere” from the EP: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=zQ-1N7D3QjI