Drivin' N Cryin' Rock In Birmingham Once Again

Drivin' N Cryin' Rock In Birmingham Once Again

February 23, 2018

Drivin' N Cryin' have been performing together since 1985. In that time, the Atlanta based band has played Birmingham, Alabama numerous times. The group added another trip to the Magic City to their history on February 22nd as they performed to a good crowd at Saturn Birmingham.

Even after all these years of coming to Birmingham and playing shows, this was my first experience actually seeing Drivin' N Cryin' on stage. They definitely put on a fun show, and it was easy to see why they've collected such a devout group of fans over the years. They put on a no-frills and straight forward rock and roll show that is appreciated by their audience.

More information about Drivin' N Cryin' can be found by visiting their OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

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Drivin' N Cryin' perform in concert at Saturn Birmingham in Birmingham, Alabama on February 22nd, 2018. (Photo by David A. Smith/DSmithScenes)