Honest Tune: The Southern Journal of Jam

Drivin N Cryin : (Whatever Happened to the) Great American Bubble Factory
Written by Bill Whiting

Drivin N Cryin returns after a prolonged absence with the bracing document(Whatever Happened to the) Great American Bubble Factory.

A mix of glitzy rock, scintillating country and grungy blues, Great American Bubble Factory confirms a well-respected legacy for a band that has continuously pushed the limits of roots music. For example, Kevn Kinney's composition "I See Georgia" rollicks with a bravura and swagger uncommon to many contemporary Lynryrd Skynyrd-influenced country acts. Drivin N Cryin sets itself apart through the hard-edged tributes to rock's beginnings on "Detriot City" and the American get 'er done work ethic of the title track.

Along with Kinney's defiant spirit, Great American Bubble Factory soars, and let's hope we don't have to wait too long for the next album from Georgia's finest.

(Whatever Happened to the) Great American Bubble Factory is out now on Vintage Earth Music.