Insite Reviews KK's 'a good country mile': "Stellar!"

KEVN KINNEY & THE GOLDEN PALOMINOSA Good Country Mile (Redeye) Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ front man turns out stellar solo effort

by John B. Moore

March 2012

Born out of friendship between Drivin’ N’ Cryin’s Kevn Kinney and The Golden Palominos drummer Anton Fier (who’s also worked with the Feelies, Bob Mould, etc.), A Good Country Mile takes the best influences from both and a slew of 60’s and 70’s rockers resulting in an unforgettable slab of Blues-soaked Americana, punctuated beautifully with plenty of harmonica and Hammond organ. The record includes some new material, some inspired covers (like Seven Mary Three’s “Southwestern State” and Drive-By Truckers’ “Never Gonna Change”), but more importantly some great re-workings of Drivin’

N’ Cryin’ and Kinney solo songs. The slowed down version of “Gotta Move Along (Again)” and “Wild Dog Moon (Pt. 2)” sound almost as exciting as when they were first released

decades ago. Kinney and Fier go back years, with the latter having produced and played drums on the classic Drivn’ N’ Cryin’ album Whisper Tames the Lion. A Good Country Mile is a fantastic concept that was executed even better than fans could’ve imagined. It’s

an album not written for mass appeal or with hit singles in mind, but simply composed by talented musicians that clearly love playing music together. It just so happens that the result is better than just about anything that’s currently being played on the radio.