Kevn Kinney & Anton Fier Album!

rock on my brothers and sisters
This is Kevn.
yes I know you rarely here from me through this tv typewriter deal
so you know it must be important.

i got two words for you
check this out....

In the basement of Anton Fier's lower east side practice room
I found a treehouse of sorts
Two guys
Smoking cigarettes
Sharing new music
"hey Kevn, have you ever heard......"
Recording constantly
Arranging the songs
Drinkin coffee
Writin' more songs

that's the essence of the "A GOOD COUNTRY MILE"
songs of challenge
songs of heartbreak
songs of longing and belonging
rising above and believing
i've got a new constitution
early sunday morning rain'
i love the collaboration
and meeting of rhymes and signs
you see it in the jazz world all the time
you see in country
a few in rock but not many
one of my favorite records growing up
the mitch ryder
'detroit memphis experiment'
where mitch ryder goes to stax!

its exciting to be back after twenty odd years with Anton
recalling the days when i used jam in the garage
or basement of a friend's house
whose mom was out shopping
only now i know how to play but the reckless abandon is still in full force

ANTON produced my first ISLAND records session
For drivin n cryin' s  Whisper Tames The Lion
Recorded here in New York
I lived in Atlanta at the time
There is

a song at the  end of the record
'Ridin On The Soul Road'
a cross between
A twilight zone episode
'Next Stop Willoughby '
and the  story of the city mouse and the country mouse

after twenty five years of criss crossing the south
I find myself in the shoes of that country mouse
Bouncing off the walls of subway cars
Standing on the corner watchin people walk fast
Head down never to say good mornin'

I have also met some of THE most 'dedicated to their craft' musicians
I would have never met
On any given night
the power of these random
Inspiration from dedication

That's what Anton does
The meticulous preserver of sound
I have never met someone so dedicated to his craft
His art and music in general

we recorded the basic tracks for A GOOD COUNTRY MILE
on a two inch tape machine in what appeared to be an old
civil war ammo depot
in the park slope side of Brooklyn
with Martin Bisi behind the console,
from the Philadelphia sound!

next we brought in Andy Hess on bass
followed by Tony Scherr on guitar
The trunk of the tree
It is with this beginning we moved to Manhatten
And Matt Wells One East Recording Studio
With Yohei Goto behind the board
We enlisted the help of our friends that we made
over our 75 week residency
at the National Underground

Great songs
Great performances
In what I believe to be
The best sounding record I have ever made

We are off
Up and running
With only a few more steps to go
With your help
We can raise the last 10,000 dollars for mixing and mastering
We look forward to sharing these recordings
With you and the world
Rock on
- kevn kinney