‘Songs for the Turntable’ brings it all home for the DNC fans

Innocent Words Magazine Reviews 'Songs For The Turntable' By Paul Barrel January 23, 2014

With their fourth and final release created under the business model that they would issue shorter EPs over a period of months versus a longer release that could take years to reach the market, Drivin N Cryin has hit a home run. ‘Songs for the Turntable’ marks a significant return to its unique form of mixing rock, Americana and folk into a seamless sound that can only be called the ‘Drivin N Cryin Sound.’

“I was writing in the morning and my wife was listening to a record,” said singer/guitarist/songwriter Kevin Kinney. “She said I should record that song and I said ‘well, I did.’ It was the last song on the last record! It dawned on me then that most people that listen to records don’t usually listen past five or six songs, so I’m going to make a record with only five or six songs on it. In fact, I’m going to do four… Or five… Or maybe the rest of them this way!!!! This solves a lot of problems for drivin n cryin.”

The first three EPs were enjoyable as well; focusing on different periods in the bands’ history: Southern jangle, punk and psychedelic. All are worthy of your listening time. However, ‘Songs for the Turntable’ brings it all home for the DNC fans. The five songs on the EP take you back classic recordings and feature huge guitar-laden hooks, memorable melodies and reflective lyrics. Plus, it features the band at its tightest. This is a welcome spin for a Saturday night pick up me or as a friendly welcome on a Sunday morning. That’s the thing about DNC, their music seems to transcend time of day or day of the week. It’s good anytime.

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