Sunday Paper Reveiws 'GABF'

Sunday Paper review of "Great American Bubble Factory" “THE GREAT AMERICAN BUBBLE FACTORY”


Anyone who thinks Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ can’t rock anymore just because Kevn Kinney and Co. can soon apply for AARP membership, having not released a studio album since 1999, only needs to push play on Track 1 of this vigorous return. “Detroit City” is a brass-knuckled punch in the face as powerful as anything from the MC5 or the Stooges, both of whom are name-checked in the hard-charging rocker. It’s classic DNC: a pinch of AC/DC, with some Thin Lizzy and just enough red-dirt Lynyrd Skynyrd to let you know that you can take Kinney out of the South, but you can’t take the South out of Kinney.

Shades of

“Fly Me Courageous” tint the opening sledgehammer riff of the creeping “I See Georgia,” an explosive, Crazy Horse-influenced combination of the band’s hard rocking heart and its sympathetic Southern soul. The rest falls into place as naturally as the best work from this Atlanta quartet, even if only Kinney and bassist/mandolin player Tim Nielsen remain from earlier lineups. A few strummy acoustic ruminations inject the country that has always coursed through the band’s Jack Daniel’s-laced veins, and Kinney’s distinctive, scarred but smarter vocals have seldom sounded more committed. Don’t call this a comeback, because it sounds more like a continuation. 3.5 STARS

“The Great American Bubble Factory” will be released on Sept. 29.