Blurt Magazine Reviews 'Psychedelic Time Clock'

BY MICHAEL TOLAND The third of four projected EPs, Songs From the Psychedelic Time Clock explores a heretofore buried side of Atlanta rock icon Drivin’ N’ Cryin’: psychedelia. It probably goes without saying that none of these six songs sound likes the Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows” or Jimi Hendrix’s “Are You Experienced” (to name a pair of psych rock classics off the top of our heads). But DNC does work up a certain acidic head of steam, adding electric sitar, horns and lush harmonies to the 12-string folky “Upside Down Round and Round,” mixing mind-expanding lyrics and acid-laced go-go in “Metamorphcycle” and giving Nuggets garage rock a nose-tweak with the wordless “The Psychedelic Time Clock” and “The Little Record Store Just Around the Corner.” But the plangently melodic “Sometimes the Rain (is Just the Rain)” and the hard-rocking “In the Sound Room” sound like the band’s usual M.O. Regardless of fidelity to a concept, songwriter Kevn Kinney works his mojo hard here, penning the EP series’ most consistent set of tunes yet. Effortlessly enjoyable, Songs From the Psychedelic Time Clock may prove to be as essential as Drivin’ N’ Cryin’s classics.