Music Enthusiast Magazine Reviews 'Psychedelic Time Clock'

Drivin’ n Cryin’ Unleash Songs From The Psychedelic Time Clock

by William Clark for Music Enthusiast Magazine

80’s hard rock icons Drivin’ n Cryin’ have recently been taking a creative approach when it comes to making new music. Throughout the past 10 months, Drivin’ n Cryin’ have been releasing a series of four EPs, with one coming out every couple of months, and each EP to show the band taking on a completely different genre and style. “Songs From The Laundromat” had Drivin’ n Cryin’ doing what they’ve always done best, straight up rock and roll; while “Songs About Cars, Space and The Ramones” had the band successfully embracing a dominative punk rock sound. And now, Drivin’ n Cryin’ are set to release the third installment in their magazine subscription-style EP series, appropriately titled “Songs From The Psychedelic Time Clock”.

Just as the title implies, “Songs From The Psychedelic Time Clock” shows DNC masterfully taking on the psychedelic rock genre, throughout 6 brand new slamming compositions. The nostalgic experience begins right when you pop in the disc, with the stellar vocal harmonies and memorable guitar riffs of “The Little Record Store Around The Corner”. From there, the album only increases in sheer greatness, further showcasing such gems as the surprisingly Tom Petty-esque “Sometimes The Rain (Is Just The Rain)”, and “Metamorphcycle”, which shows the band masterfully executing some standout synthesizer work that highly resembles something one would expect from The Who. Unfortunately apparently absent was a tribute song from DNC, as they have done the past two releases with “REM” and “Johnny Rides Shotgun”, which paid tribute to punk rock legends The Ramones; however, this CD is filled with so much great tunage, you can’t really complain.

Drivin’ n Cryin’ manages to not only perfectionistically apply psychedelic rock elements to their signature musical style with their new EP, but also make this broad change in genre their own. It is this factor, above all others, that has remained strikingly consistent all throughout this series of standout releases. Overall, “Songs From The Psychedelic Time Clock” is a righteous collection of mind-altering tracks that is a worthy followup to the band’s past two releases, and leaves us anxiously awaiting the fourth installment in the series.