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Drivin' N Cryin' performs at SoHo Bar & Grill on FridayBy SONYA SORICH -

It’s hard to find someone at a Drivin’ N Cryin’ concert who doesn’t have a story.

Some fans might describe traveling across the region to see the Atlanta-based band perform.

Others might serve up a good karaoke story involving “Straight To Hell,” one of the act’s major hits.

“We’ve been a regional phenomenon pretty consistently for the last 25 years,” band member Tim Nielsen said in a recent phone interview.

Not too many bands thrive past the two-decade mark — so few, in fact, that Nielsen is used to relaying news about his band and receiving this response:

“I didn’t know you guys were still together.”

The four musicians in Drivin’ N Cryin’ recently released their first new album in 12 years and are very much together. They perform at SoHo Bar & Grill on Friday.

In addition to promoting the current album, members of the Southern rock act have stayed busy with a variety of ventures. They’re working on an iPhone app, material for the “Rock Band” network and a film documentary about the band.

The musicians in Drivin’ N Cryin’ will continue to tour and broaden their fan base beyond the South. “We’re trying to expand our region,” Nielsen said.

What can fans expect from Friday’s show?

“It’s a big rock show. We’ll be playing the hits,” Nielsen said. “We still deliver every single night.”

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