Rhapsody Free Download

Vintage Earth Music, Thirty Tigers and Rhapsody have partnered together to release the 'Free Thirty Tigers Sampler.' Thirty Tigers has been fighting the good fight for indie labels and artists for nearly 10 years. The Nashville-based, self-proclaimed "artist-friendly" aggregator has been lending a helping hand to heartland-leaning indie-rock and Rock and Americana artists like Drivin N Cryinthe Avett Brothers, a small convoy of former and current Drive-By Truckers (Jason Isbell and Patterson Hood, respectively), Jason Boland, and Ben Sollee, even back when they were still getting beer bottles thrown at them by "Freebird"-chanting rednecks at roadside honky-tonks. The warm and fuzzy feeling doesn't stop there, either: upstarts Those DarlinsJessica Lea Mayfield and JEFF the Brotherhood also call Thirty Tigers home and prove that they are still looking out for the little guy and gal.

Check out a free Thirty Tigers sampler which includes Drivin N Cryin's 'The Hardest Part.". If you like what's tickling your ear buds, then download discount albums from the above luminaries as well as Backyard Tire FireMatthew Perryman Jones and more.

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